Welcome at the Basisclub

De Hollandse zomerweek en de Zomerclub zitten vol. Wil je op de wachtlijst? Mail dan naar info@basisclub.nl. 

Our approach

At the Basisclub and Dutchclub we offer professional tutoring to students in primary education. We aim to create an encouraging environment with room for fun and play. As the students experience success, their self-confidence grows. Our personal attention ensures a tailor-made experience that bolsters their strengths.

As a small-scale organization, Basisclub provides a safe (learning) environment with a cozy atmosphere. A committed team of familiar faces is always there to receive the students. In order to provide tailor-made solutions for each student we strive to keep close communication with parents and schools.

Learning through play ensures that learning becomes fun and happens unconsciously. Our approach is to motivate and energize with ample room for fun. Challenging and varied teaching methods are used that match the interests of the student. During the afternoon group sessions we also offer snacks during the break.

Attention is paid to writing up (personal) learning plans and evaluations. We use appealing remedial materials that match the learning objectives and methods at school. We coordinate with everyone involved (school, parents and the student), respond quickly and are easily accessible  

Our approach to our students is very encouraging. We compliment them on their efforts and skillful approach. We give constructive feedback including lots of praise. The aim is to let the children experience success so that they gain more self-confidence. We do our best to put a smile on everyone's face with the help of personal attention, “power cards” and the occasional joke. 

At the Basisclub we tutor primary school students who need extra support with their Dutch language, math or other subject skills. We offer both individual remedial teaching and afternoon group sessions. . 

At the Basisclub we tutor primary school students who need extra support with their Dutch language, math or other subject skills. We offer both individual remedial teaching and afternoon group sessions. Either way we always work based on a personal learning plan. 

Primary school students with a wide variety of challenges are welcome at the Basisclub. The different trajectories we offer provide tailor-made solutions to meet each student where they are. Every student can be themselves within the small-scale, safe and encouraging environment of the Basisclub.

Small group remedial teaching in a cozy setting during after-school hours.

Based on a tailor-made curriculum, specific areas are tackled/ worked on. 

A Basisclub half-day during the summer holidays, where children work on their personal learning goals. Register now for July 18-22, 2022!

A Basisclub group session during the summer holidays, in which students work on their personal learning goals.

Intense individual coaching focussed on training the executive functions. This training takes place at school.

Intense online training to improve working memory. You follow this training from home.


It is our mission to contribute to the personal growth of our students in a joyful way. We believe in the power of positive and professional tutoring to students in primary education. Our dream is that the positive, pleasant, personal and professional Basisclub and Dutchclub tutoring will become accessible to all children in Amsterdam.

The Dutchclub organizes group sessions especially for international students (primary school age) who live in the Netherlands. Our motto is learning by doing and playing. Our playful approach makes language learning fun and it bolsters our students' self-confidence when speaking Dutch. Every student is invited to be themselves within the small-scale, encouraging and cozy environment of the Dutchclub.

Get a better grip on the Dutch language in a fun and educational environment.

One -on-one sessions with a personal tutor to improve Dutch reading and speaking skills.

During these meetings we work with a theme, around which we organize fun activities, games and of course introduce new vocabulary.

A summer camp to playfully expand vocabulary and build self-confidence when speaking Dutch. Register now for August 22-26, 2022! 


Club at school

The Basisclub offers schools support in tutoring primary school students who with the proper support have a better chance to reach their true potential. Through personal and professional attention, children get a better grip on subjects that are difficult for them and/or the students are challenged to improve their approach to tackling different tasks.

Our team

We are very happy with our Basisclub team. We are all motivated by the same goal to bring out the best in each child through a positive and personal approach. Our team is made up of people with a diverse professional background, but we are united in our love for children. A lot of time is taken to prepare for the lessons. We also organize a monthly intervision meeting where we discuss children to better support them and make sure the professional development of our team ranks high on the agenda.

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Support our mission to fight for equal opportunities in education

In order to make the Basisclub and Dutchclub available to all Amsterdam primary school students and to increase the equal opportunity within primary education, we are looking for partnerships. Would you also like to contribute to achieve equal opportunity in education in Amsterdam? Or would you like to brainstorm about (structural) possibilities? Schedule a meeting with us or support a student with a donation of your choice.