Equal opportunity in education

Recently, much attention has been paid to the growing inequality in education. This is exactly the core issue that we at the Basisclub and Dutchclub are advocating for.

At the Basisclub and Dutchclub we offer personal tutoring to students in primary education. This guidance is valuable to many students. As they experience success, their self-confidence also grows. Unfortunately, not everyone can afford this tutoring, which only widens the gap between rich and poor and increases the inequality of opportunity. Jammer genoeg kan niet iedereen deze ondersteuning betalen, waardoor de verschillen tussen arm en rijk alleen maar groter worden en de kansenongelijkheid toeneemt.

There is another way

Our dream is to make the personal tutoring we offer available to all primary school students in Amsterdam.

For a few years in a row, we have been the recipients of the social basic subsidy from the Amsterdam Zuid district. Furthermore, we have been able to offer a “Tel mee met taal” project and have received a donation from a foundation to support children lacking the means to pay for the tutoring. In addition, we also work closely with local schools that, among other things, use NPO funds to organize Basisclub and Dutchclub tutoring for their students at school.

Support our mission to fight for equal opportunities in education

In order to make the Basisclub and Dutchclub available to all Amsterdam primary school students and to increase the equal opportunity within primary education, we are looking for partnerships. Would you also like to contribute to achieve equal opportunity in education in Amsterdam? Or would you like to brainstorm about (structural) possibilities? Schedule a meeting with us or support a student with a donation of your choice.