August 22-26 2022  vindt de Hollandse Zomerweek van 2022 plaats, helaas zijn alle plekjes al vergeven, dus inschrijven is niet meer mogelijk. Tijdens deze week wordt er op speelse wijze aandacht besteed aan het beter leren beheersen van de Nederlandse taal en er wordt kennis gemaakt met de Nederlandse cultuur en typische gewoonten.

For whom?

The week is intended for children (6-12 years old) for whom Dutch is their second language, for children with an international background who live in the Netherlands and speak Dutch and for Dutch children living abroad. 

Why should you join?

Every student is encouraged to be themselves within the small-scale, encouraging and cozy environment of the Dutchclub. The group consists up to 16 children and are supported by 4 counselors from the Basicclub. During the educational mornings, the children are classified according to age and/or language skills.



During the Dutch Summer Week, the Basisclub in Amsterdam South (Olympiakade 8) is our operating base. This is where the educational mornings take place and here ends the day with the 'I love Holland Quiz'.


August 22-26, 2022 starts every day at 09.30. On Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday the children will be picked up at 2.30 pm. On Wednesday there is an exciting field trip and the day lasts until 5 pm.


After playfully learning Dutch during the educational mornings, we have lunch together. In the afternoon we organize a fun, creative or sporting activity around the Basisclub and on Wednesday an exciting farm visit is planned. This keeps the days varied and fun!

Dutch Summer Week impression